First glimpse of UNIMO

Main features of the city car for people with disabilities

UNIMO has been created for people with special needs. This idea was the start point for the project. It took several years and efforts of dozens of specialists to translate the original idea into a physical object. Now UNIMO combines hundreds of original technological solutions and dozens of new ideas. A car for people with disabilities adapts to various tasks and is able to surprise with its functionality.

The UNIMO project seeks to shift the focus from the common image of a vehicle with a "disabled person moving" label on it. This image, as well as not entirely correct wording, is still widespread in everyday perception. However, the world is changing, as well as people and their attitude to phenomena and events.

UNIMO is a practical city car with an electric motor. It is also a convenient and affordable transport for people with disabilities. UNIMO has implemented a number of original design solutions: lift platform, rear-hinged doors, wheelchair attachment mechanisms and much more. It's all hard to describe in a few words. That's why we suggest you meet UNIMO in the first video about the car.

Stay with us! The story is about to begin