About Company

Brief history of the project and our company

In 2014, the initiator of the UNIMO project Aleksander Sinkevich came up with the idea to create a universal car for people with disabilities, which would allow them to realize their full potential and live a more independent lifestyle.

In 2016, a design bureau with experienced engineers and designers was established. Wheelchair users joined the project and became a source of necessary information and testers of all design solutions. The vehicle has been created for people in wheelchair to compensate the limits of traditional approaches and provide them with the new mobility opportunities.

In 2018, a prototype was manufactured and tested. It was later called UNIMO, derived from "UNIversal MObility". It is a car with an electric motor, which implements the concept of a unique combination of the qualities of an ordinary city car and transport that meets the needs of people with disabilities.

In 2019, the development of a next generation prototype has started – a universal platform, which allows to install two different types of power plant: electric motor and internal combustion engine with automatic transmission. Currently, we are working on new design and conducting marketing researches. A business plan for launching the project into mass production is being developed.

Nowadays UNIMO prototype is a universal and safe car which can provide people with disabilities with independence and mobility. In addition, UNIMO car has qualities and characteristics typical of a normal city car.