About company


Engineering company "Universal mobility" works according to the "Manufacturing as a service" concept (MaaS). Our specialists are competent in design, modeling, prototyping, development and manufacturing of unique products. Consulting, design and production services are ideal for small startups as well as mid-sized companies.

The structure of the company includes: design and 3D modeling group, design bureau, engineering department of production support and marketing group. Our expertise is based on many years of experience in relevant fields and our involvement in a number of essential projects in the automotive industry.

The company's main in-house project is the development of an electric city car for people with disabilities. Since 2014, the project has undergone a number of key stages: development of the original concept, creation of the concept design and 3D model, manufacturing and testing of a fully functioning prototype, analysis of target markets and brand promotion.

At the moment, the "Universal mobility" engineering company is working on a number of projects in the automotive industry. We help our customers in the areas of prototyping, engineering and promotion.

Alexander Sinkevich
Partner, director of the company, a graduate of the Belarusian National Technical University, mechanical engineering. Alexander headed many vehicle development teams, has substantial experience in car racing and truck trial. Used to work in Belarus, North America, Russia.
Alexander Kurban
Head of the design bureau, graduate of the Belarusian National Technical University, mechanical engineering, designer, researcher. Worked at the largest Belarusian manufacturer of trucks and special equipment — the Minsk Automobile Plant. Participated in several major automotive projects as a design engineer, and has extensive experience in integrating composite materials into automobile construction. Runs a team of 11 professional and highly qualified specialists.
Alexander Iskra
Partner, graduate of MITSO International University. Covered senior positions in companies in Belarus and Russia specializing in engineering, automotive technology, and special industrial construction. Responsible for corporate strategies, rules and regulations, internal document management systems, CRM, ERP.
Sergei Kazaev
Head of the production department, graduate of the Belarusian National Technical University, mechanical engineering, specialty "Technology of mechanical engineering". Worked at the largest Belarusian factories: MAZ, MTZ. Took part in several automotive projects as a head of experimental production. Main activity is producing of individual and pre-production prototypes of vehicles, sports cars. Headed the small-scale assembly of the Yarovit family of trucks at Yarovit Motors plant in St. Petersburg.