Feasibility analysis

The future of a project is dependent on the qualitative evaluation of the product to ensure an effective implementation. Among all the factors impacting the technical feasibility of a project, our company deals with the analysis of the technical aspect: technical documentation, drawings, prototypes.

Preliminary design

Development of the documentation representing the general idea of the future product, considering its purpose, main parameters, dimensions and functioning principles.

3D modeling

Our team of specialists uses computer-aided design systems that allow us to obtain more than a visual image of the future product, but also measurable and functional information. Thanks to the 3D model it is possible to set parameters for the future product, calculate its main specifications, create its drawing, use the model to run CNC machines and 3D-printers.

CAE analysis

CAE analysis software allows us to improve the basic characteristics of a product and examine its performance without physically testing the prototype. The product's main testing phase is performed in a computer simulation mode, which reduces the material and time cost of product development.

Development of design documentation

Development of a complete set of technical documentation required to describe the product's construction, complying with all requirements and regulations. Adaptation of documentation according to USCD as well as ISO, EN and DIN standards.

Industry 4.0

Our company intends to integrate the Industry 4.0 principles into production. When developing prototypes, we widely utilize the "digital twin" concept — creating a computer model of a product and its subsequent refinement, taking into account tests in a virtual environment. This allows us to reduce time and material resources when creating products.